How To Fill up a Box

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, from suitcases to the backs of half ton trucks. How do most people pack a suitcase? They just throw stuff into it willy nilly, correct? The shirts go in with the toothpaste and the shoes. Books, socks and underwear just are tossed in any old which way. The same with loading a truck --- food and tools and spare tire go in with work clothes and gas and oil and jack, one thing on top of another with no rhyme or reason.
    Of course not, it's absurd to suggest such a thing. Only an idiot would pack up like that. I'm sure you'd agree that the principles applying to the suitcase and
the truck apply to every other box in the world. You can throw three articles into one or neatly pack thirty three.
That being said it should be pointed out that the 23 garbage bins that are spotted in 9 different locations around town are boxes. Everyone of them. As the picture illustrates there's not a shred of evidence to suggest that those who use the bins apply the principles of loading a box to them and if we all agree only idiots don't, what can one conclude about the people who use them?